Friday, June 8, 2012

to strike with a sudden feeling of wonder or astonishment

Have you ever had a day that went by and nothing really happened to make it memorable the next day? Lately it has been happening more and more. Even seems like those days have connected and created a whole string of days of just cruising through life. Training for CDA is winding down, one last weekend with back to back long rides and then TAPER! Working a job that requires more the 50 hours a week, plus a hobby taking more than 15 hours a week, it's a no brainer that one would just start cruising.

A wise friend suggested Russell Simmons' book Super Rich. I haven't read it yet but it's on Amazon for $5.97! A surprising life moment. It arrived yesterday on my doorstep and just browsed through it. I am so excited to start it. All day I have been thinking about it. During a staff meeting this morning I thought about being more intentional and being in the moment. Ironic because I was on a different planet during the entire meeting. I was making a mental list of things I missed in the last 24 hours. Life's little surprises that make a day memorable.

Drinking a beer out of a can brings me back to my large consumption of weasel piss freshman year of college. There's a reason I'm a beer snob and can't stand Coors Light. Last night I actually enjoyed a pop-top! There really is nothing like drinking a beer out of a can. Even better with the beer is a quality beer. Craft beer is taking the pop-top world by storm. It's not going to slow down anytime soon. It's like the wine corks going to screw tops for all you wine drinkers. The can keep the light and oxygen out which prolongs the life of the beer and makes the flavor that more enjoyable. Who knew I'd be drinking an oatmeal stout out of a can with dinner! Surprise.

Did you know that Marsha is coming home from Arizona soon? Or that sharing a car with your husband when you're 70 can be more pain than it's worth? Or that grandparents really do enjoy any moment spent with their grandkids even if it's once or twice a year? (I've been able to get over my lack of grandparent contact guilt) As much as there is nakedness in the showers at the Y in the mornings there is a ton of life's knowledge being thrown about. I used to get in and get out as fast as possible. But one day I started to listen and the stories they share are hilarious, sad, annoying, and all the other emotions. Luckily the Y swim ladies like the open showers so I will continue to listen, laugh, cry, and learn from the comfort of the shower stall.

The chemicals the USDA allow farmers to use to create mass pails of plump uniform blueberries sacrifices look for taste. Don't worry this is not going to turn into an organic food rant. I just want the taste. While visiting Trader Joe's I splurged and got a basket of organic blueberries. They would not have won most photogenic blueberries around but my word. The taste burst in my mouth as soon as I chomped and lingered awhile after I was done. Paired with some plain greek yogurt and a cup of coffee, best way to start the day.

Ryan Lochte.  Need I say more? Yesterday was I was eating my oats for breakfast and who came on the tv? Mr. Ryan Lochte himself. Telling me to get prepared for the Olympics. You can't help but set everything in your hands down and sit and watch. Think he might be interested in getting into triathlon after he retires...

It's been on my list of wants for the last couple of years and could never justify moving it to the need list. A week ago it moved and yesterday I went to the dark side. I ordered a smartphone. Now the question does arise why a smart phone moved to the need list and not just a phone. Besides the need to make calls and texts I'm getting lost so freakin' much I'm tired of it. These times of getting lost are not in a car but on a bike. That means 10 miles off course is a lot of unnecessary energy expended.I need something besides a large road atlas to keep me on track. So in a little less than 72 hours (if only FedEx delivered on Saturdays, right now it's sitting in the Chicago distribution center) I will be the proud user of this:  

You just never know what life brings. Yesterday seems like it was actually a pretty great day once I go through the little surprises. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and remembering what a great day today was.

Running tip #45632: Stock Coke A Cola in your pantry. After your long runs it just hits the spot. If you haven't tried it I highly recommend it. Cheers!


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    I've been totally disconnected from my own blog, so I came online to see what blogging friends were doing. Can't tell you how happy I was to see you at the top of the list! And the paragraph that started with "Did you know Marsha is coming home from Arizona..." got actual LOLs.

  2. *smiling* I'm so glad TTT! I really enjoy writing posts but never seem to get them fully written. I have about 12 drafts sitting, waiting to be finished. One day.